Luxury can mean a lot of different things to different people.

Luxury can mean a spa day, a designer outfit, or even a nice car. The word “luxury” exerts a level of quality and sophistication.

To me, luxury is a lifestyle. Luxury is a frequency at which you can live your life.

1. Luxury means enjoying time with those you hold close.

Having all boys (active boys at that), I’ve had to learn how to ride a snowmobile, how to wakeboard, surf, kayak, the list goes on. However, these are all things that we do together as a family. These are memories that we create, with love and laughter.

Time is the ultimate luxury, and in my book, there’s nothing better than to spend it on than family and friends. As time with my family is of utmost importance in my life, I’m honored to bring this ideal into my projects. I design interior spaces in ways that will enhance the lifestyle of those who live in them.

2. Luxury means traveling and experiencing new places.

From the Villas at the Boulders Arizona to Esperanza Cabo San Lucas, I love experiencing new places and seeing all that our rich and diverse world has to offer.

Even more so than just going to these places, but experiencing all that they have to offer. Maybe it’s trying the local cuisine, going to a show, whatever it may be. It’s about immersing yourself in the local scene and culture. I bring this mentality into my designs, making every project, every home, unique in what it has to offer.

3. Luxury is sporting a designer outfit.

Wearing clothing that took time to make, clothing in which you can feel the style in every stitch, makes your entire day feel luxurious.

A fashion designer that truly inspires me is Coco Chanel. She was a trailblazer and, through her designs and her vision, she changed how women dressed. Her designs will never go out of style. This expression of design is something I truly believe in and try to emulate myself. Truly good design will never go out of style.

4. Luxury is sinking into the driver’s seat of a Bentley.

Who wouldn’t want to drive a classic, luxurious, beautiful vehicle? Cars like Bentley and Lamborghini elevate your experience in getting from A to B. Whether it’s high design or an understated elegance, these cars emulate luxury.

Your home is where your wellbeing begins and ends. It’s essentially the vehicle that drives your life forward, and lucky for you, those closest to you are along for that ride.

5. Luxury is your lifestyle.

If you had an opportunity to start and end your day in ultimate luxury, wouldn’t you take it?

Interior design allows you to maximize that opportunity, and begin living a lifestyle of luxury. A space has the power to takeover your overall mood and your overall wellbeing, so why not invest in that?

Interior design work that inspires me, such as that of Kelley Wearstler and Clodagh Design, emulates timeless design while redefining luxury.

Design is about finding what is right for your space, for your needs, for your family, for your lifestyle.

Luxury is who you are and how you live. Luxury is a frequency at which you can not only live your life, but love your life.


Your home is your retreat.

Your home is the place you cherish and share with those closest to you.

It’s a space in which your own life experiences play out, but it’s also a space in which your family and friends- whether they are there for a few hours or for an extended stay- create memories.

Home is one’s most sacred place, and when my clients entrust me with the vision for theirs, our relationships are built on a foundation of understanding and trust.

A conversation piece.

Each and every client relationship is different and unique, just as every project is different and unique in scope. However, I start every project the same way: a conversation.

Ultimately, I want to know how to best accommodate the people that will be living in the space, and so these conversations span across everyone who will experience it.

Before any design work begins, I listen to each individual person to truly understand what is most important to them. Their home is where their lifestyle begins. By talking, listening, and getting to the root of what they want in their homes, I begin to piece together my creative vision.

Again, your home is your retreat. Your escape from the world. Although I always start with the needs behind a space, in this initial conversation, I want to know what “retreat” means to each of my clients. I take pride in the fact that my clients trust me with the creative vision for their homes, so I want to make sure I get down to every last detail of how it could embrace their lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter how long someone has lived in a space, everyone is busy, so when they arrive home, what do they want to see? What do they want to feel? What do they want to experience? What is their retreat like?

Are they nourished by bright colors or are they looking for a neutral color pallette? How does the family unit function and what speaks to them as a whole?

When these questions are answered and when the scope of the project has been determined, my team and I begin to work our magic…

Building a foundation of trust.

Although the first meeting with clients is an open, deep exploration of what makes up their home, our second meeting, where they get to see our initial concept designs, is where the foundation of trust really begins to form. In this presentation, I make sure it is evident that everyone’s voices were heard in our initial meeting and that I incorporated their individual needs through both functionality and form.

[quote quotation=”I take pride in the fact that my clients trust me with the creative vision for their homes.”]

Beyond this presentation, I continue to build a client relationship by bringing my clients behind the scenes to meet our team and to see how their dreams come to life. I keep my clients fully informed with the progress of their project and give them a behind the scenes look, but more than that, I welcome them into the Michelle’s Interiors family, just as they’ve welcomed me into their homes.

It’s all about listening.

Luxury is an element of lifestyle that enriches our lives and creates memorable stories through our environment.

In today’s environment, everyone is so concerned about experiencing life to the fullest. We are constantly plugged in on our phones, we are over-booked, over-busy, over-tired, over-everything, that we try to do anything that allows us some free time.

We need to be in the present; we need our homes to reflect how we want to exist in the present. Your lifestyle, your wellbeing, it all starts and ends in the place you call home.

My role is all about listening. My clients have my full attention when I am with them. In our meetings, no one else matters, no one else exists. My role is to make my clients feel special, heard, and understood.

I work to consistently provide our clients with an exceptional experience – not just through my fabric and tile choices, but through our overall partnership. Their time is precious and I always ensure that I use it well.

[quote quotation=”My role is to make my clients feel special, heard, and understood.”]

I, myself, value the finer things in my own life. Not just the finer things, but the genuinely important things. I understand that a home, a retreat, and those that inhabit it are more important than anything. I respect these things in my own life, and I respect these things in my clients’ lives, and I let this truly guide my work.

Through a relationship founded on trust, I create a retreat.

Through time and creativity, I create a lifestyle.

I’m honored to have such a vast impact on my clients’ homes, and I’m very fortunate that I was able to find my passion and get to do what I love each and every day.

I am so thankful for the clients that have welcomed me into their homes, and I am always looking forward to the future retreats that I may have the pleasure to create.


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