West Lake, TX

Texas Living Redefined

Modern, clean lines and a nod to the Lone Star state throughout a new, 9,000 sq. ft. home.

West Lake, TX
Project Scope
He Space
Whole Home

Designing an upscale-casual home from the ground up.

Before the first shovelful of soil was turned for this two-story, 9,000-square-foot home, my clients asked us to review and revise the blueprints and create a whole-house design. They wanted modern, clean lines, subtle references to the Lone Star State and a comfortable, luxurious feeling that suits their upscale-casual lifestyle.

These empty nesters have two grown children and four grandchildren, and they love to entertain. They appreciate art and authentic materials, especially if they have historic value. Because their home is spacious with 12-foot ceilings, we wanted to make it feel more intimate, warm and welcoming.

Eco-friendly solutions abound in this home, including repurposed materials and sustainable, energy-efficient furnishings. In the kitchen and master bath, the cabinets are made of renewable Red Grandis wood, while most of the flooring throughout the home is repurposed French farm house wood. In the master bedroom, the fire box walls are lined with repurposed French bricks and in the master bath shower, we lowered the ceiling from 12 to 10 feet to make the steam option more energy efficient.

Because we believe it is important to incorporate family treasures into a home, we re-framed existing art pieces to update and reuse them. The wife’s cow bell collection became a wall installation in the second-floor hallway and we also reused her childhood desk.

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