Wisconsin Vacation Lodge

Welcome to the woods.

Michelle and her clients discussed the importance of designing this lodge to exceed a vacation home design mindset, because her clients ultimately want to retire here. With that into consideration, Michelle coordinated a theme that was in sync with the surrounding woodland area that her clients desired. Everything had to co-exist in one grand space, the kitchen, dining room and living room. A customized dining room table was composed of trees for legs and a smooth wood finish on top, perfect for family meals. While the furniture, such as the dining table chairs and sofas all harmonized with shades of red, greens and blues. The bar in the kitchen is aligned with iron bar stools outlined with different animals such as bears, eagles and more.

This rustic theme is incorporated throughout the entire lodge with each room telling a different story. Each element chosen was tailored to the desired woodland theme. Details down to the deer antler embellished cabinetry paired with the entire vision of a picturesque lodge.