Finding the Perfect Lighting for Your Home

The following was posted on the Redfin website and was authored by Lexi Klinkenberg. We're including Michelle's section on the importance of underlighting but please read the entire post by clicking here.

Lighting is a very important element of a home that can often be overlooked when designing and decorating your space. Even if you live in Florida, with an abundance of sun, having the right lights can still be critical to the look and convenience of your home. There are many different styles, designs, and types of lighting that finding the best lighting for your home can sometimes be overwhelming. That is why we asked experts in the field to share their tips about lighting your home the right way.

White and Stained Wood Kitchen

Don’t ignore underlighting

Underlighting is just as vital as chandeliers or pendants in your home. Powder rooms are a great place for underlighting, whether beneath a floating vanity or under a quartzite countertop. The lighting creates a special effect in the evening that will have your guests raving. Some of Michelle’s underlighting design can be seen in the photo above. –Michelle Rohrer-Lauer, Michelle’s Interiors

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