We’re here to make your work shine

Like four legs of a chair, architecture, construction, landscaping and interior design play a vital role in how a home looks and functions. We believe that when our clients open their door, they should feel the warm embrace of home.


We’re here to make your work shine

Like four legs of a chair, architecture, construction, landscaping and interior design all play a vital role to how a home looks and functions. We believe that when our clients open their door, they should experience the warm embrace of home.

Rely on us to pull it all together

Let us handle the interior and exterior design details. By partnering closely with builders, architects and landscape architects, we ensure the client wins with a cohesive, luxurious look, inside and out.

From paint to finishes to hardware, we take care of the thousands of details that will turn your project into a showcase. We also maintain strong partnerships with numerous trade partners and vendors. We’ll work with the client to ensure there’s a budget in place for the right interior and exterior lighting, landscaping and finishes. Good design doesn’t have to cost more.

You want an interior that looks as impeccable as the construction of the home.


Even before the first blueprints are created, we collaborate with architects to make sure the design fully reflects how our client is going to live so the space accommodates their dreams. We dive into how our client will be living in their home, how they entertain and also plan for their future.

For example, we help you consider:

  • Will the overall footprint work with how the family lives and entertains?
  • Does the master bedroom’s layout and lighting accommodate a night owl and an early riser?
  • Does the traffic flow work for a family’s young children today – and will it function just as well when they are teenagers?
  • Do the sightlines work? For instance, can a homeowner who loves to cook and entertain see from the kitchen into the family room?
  • Will their furniture function in the final space plan?


We become part of your team to manage and oversee specifications. Whenever possible, we’ll create groupings of specifications to expedite the process. We understand the importance of deadlines and staying on a schedule, so rely on us every step of the way.

Rely on us to:

  • Adhere to your timeline for when decisions and selections need to me made.
  • Work within the budget established as closely as possible and keep the client on track.
  • Meet with your trades to review the details before ordering or installing.
  • Meet the finish carpenter with millwork details.
  • Meet with the tile installer for review layouts and transitions.
  • Manage window treatments, including motorized one.
  • Oversee the paint schedule for the home.

Landscape architects

We partner with landscape architects and designers to make sure the outside of the home looks as amazing as the inside.

For example, we help you consider:

  • What color and style of plants work best with the rest of the interior and exterior design?
  • Does the furniture fit the space – and does the scale of the furniture fit the clients? We’ll create a furniture layout based on how the client sees themselves living and entertaining.
  • Where will the outdoor furniture be stored out of season?
  • Does the lighting on the outside work with the lighting inside?

Join Michelle in Live Sustainability Events for Builders, Architects, Landscapers

Michelle Rohrer-Lauer is an industry leader and award winner in sustainability for residential and commercial design. As a member of the national Sustainable Furnishings Council, Michelle invites her business partners to join her in live events that are aimed at potential clients.

Drawing from her “50 Shades of Green” initiative, Michelle has compiled a list of sustainable design-build topics that you can choose from, below. If sustainability is important to your business and clients, let’s collaborate!

Outdoor Topics
  • Inside-Out – Outdoor décor should be an extension of indoor décor in quality and style. We will talk about landscaping, hardscaping, color palette and outdoor furnishings.
  • Fire Up the Grill – Everything homeowners need to know about outdoor kitchen and dining spaces.
  • Pool Paradise – Outdoor pools and all the amenities – landscaping, hardscaping, furnishings and lighting.
  • Firepit Partying – Backyard entertaining is a hot trend, and always better with a fire pit for s’mores and more. The right chairs, tables, hardscaping and landscaping complete the scene.
  • Shedding Light on the Outdoors – Rechargeable lamps, heat lamps, general lighting and accent lighting – our clients need it all when they’re enjoying their outdoor spaces. We will shed some light on outdoor illumination.
  • Celebrating Outside – Backyard weddings, showers, Fourth of July celebrations and more! We will pool ideas from a variety of sources, including a party planner, rental company, caterer and landscape architect for the best celebrations ever.
Interior Topics
  • Green Weavers – All about eco-friendly rugs, including sustainable fibers and materials, safe dyes and stain treatments, as well as fair labor practices. Tips for size, shapes and styles will be rolled into the mix.
  • Sleeping Green – We will blanket this topic, from sustainable bed frames and organic mattresses to bedding, romantic lighting, motorized blinds and more.
  • Wouldn’t You Prefer Eco-Friendly Cabinets? – The latest and greatest in eco-friendly woods and finishes for cabinetry throughout the house.
  • Home Cooking – Inspiring healthier eating through appliances that make cooking and clean-up easier and more enjoyable, while saving energy.  
  • Lighting That Makes Your Home Shine – Where do our clients need lighting and what kind? We will illuminate our guests on all things bright and beautiful.
  • Eco-Friendly Countertops? I’m Not Kidding! – Introducing recycled glass, “waste” stone from quarries, paper and industrial scrap material for simply fabulous counters.
  • Tile File – Inside or out, tile plays a major role in home construction and renovations. We will walk our guests through options for miles of surfaces.
  • Lovable Laundry Rooms – These much-used spaces just keep getting bigger, better and more versatile. Think craft room, catering prep and package wrapping. What goes into a well-designed laundry room, and where should it be located?
  • Optimizing Your Home Office – Here’s a trend that’s not going away. We need to help our clients work more comfortably and efficiently at home through sound proofing and lighting, ergonomic furniture and more.
  • Shhhhh! – Eco-friendly soundproofing for home offices, media rooms and gyms is increasingly important as we spend more time at home. We will explore options for ceilings, walls, floors and windows. 
  • Pumping Up Your Home Gym – Working out at home is the fastest, most convenient option for many of us. Let’s share ideas for making the most of that space.
  • Flooring It – We will walk our guests through the best options for sustainable flooring and finishes.
  • How the Pros Should be Working – Smart builders and designers are always looking for ways to limit disruption, maintain clean air, safe distancing and client privacy during construction and renovations.  What are your best practices?
  • What is Sustainable Furniture? – Building an eco-friendly piece of furniture takes sustainable wood, fabrics, eco-friendly stain guards and cushion fillers. It helps to shop locally, too.
  • Weather-Beaters – How important are windows and window treatments in conserving energy? We will provide the answers and options.
  • Dialing Down Energy Costs – Our homes can be energy hogs. What are the best appliances, insulations, smart technology and construction practices to slim down that bottom line?
  • How Color Affects our Daily Life – Color can have a profound effect on moods, feelings, and behaviors. It can also change the temperature of a room. Let’s share our observations and discoveries about color  and how it can change our home lives.
  • Multi-tasking Spaces – Offices that double as guest bedrooms.  Master bedrooms that double as home gyms. Great rooms with game tables and bars.  Multi-tasking is as important for homes as for us. Our audience will learn how to get the functionality they want in the spaces they have. 
  • Reclaimed/Recycled Building Materials – Incorporating architectural remnants, reclaimed barn wood,  recycled metals or repurposed French farm house flooring adds character and authenticity to a home. Plus, it’s good for the environment. Let’s introduce our guests to some amazing reclaimed and recycled building materials.

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