Simply Fabulous Finds 2024

Here we go again! Each year I love to share some of the most exciting furnishings I discover while shopping online at my favorite vendors. Check out my past picks at Simply Fabulous Finds for Interiors and Simply Fabulous Finds for Backyards. Today I have gathered an eclectic collection of interior pieces that are designed to inspire and energize you. If you’re interested in learning more, you can find me at 847-223-2660.

The languid, curvy shape of this Monroe Sofa by Rick Lee from Thayer Coggin, echoes the glamorous era of midcentury design, when a shapely Marilyn Monroe was a matinee idol.

Sexy Sofa Adds Pizazz

This sofa really grabbed me because it will bring the elevated vibe of a really cool hotel lounge to your living room. It seems to invite you and your friends or loved ones to curl up side-by-side for an intimate conversation. Those sexy curves can be seen from any angle in the room, and they add some architectural pizazz to a rectangular space. Notice how the hidden feet make it look like it’s floating on air!   

Designed by Vladimir Kagan for Holly Hunt, these contemporary stools bring new life to your bar.

Stools Inspired by Riding Saddles

These bar stools practically walked off my computer screen and into my office while I was shopping! The hand-carved walnut legs have a bold, animalistic look that is a trademark of the designer, Vladimir Kagan. Wouldn’t they be amazing in your home bar? The legs and seats come in a variety of colors that completely change the personality of the piece. The natural finish with orange seats above is casual and playful, while the dark seats and Midnight finished legs in the photo below transform the stool into something sleek and elegant.

dark wood sculptural bar stool
Go playful and casual or sleek and elegant depending on the upholstery and wood finish you choose for these jazzy bar stools.

Ergonomic Seats = Comfort

Those laid-back, ergonomic seats are something special, too. They were inspired by Western and English riding saddles. The dip in the seat fits around your backside and the rounded front edge naturally curves into the back of your knees for great support. The slightly elevated back is just high enough to provide some added support.  

blue wallpaper with rivets by philip jeffries
“Rivets” wallpaper comes in a variety of colors and rivet styles from Phillip Jeffries.

Raised-Rivet Design is Edgy, Intriguing

Raised gold rivets are a clever update for this classic navy wallcovering, elevating it into something unexpected and edgy. For me, the rivets make a statement about the person who chose this style. I’m wondering, “Do they ride a motorcycle? Do they sky dive or go rock climbing? I can imagine this wallcovering making a big impact in a powder room, dining room or home office, too. It’s riveting! Hahaha.

natural material pedants with sculptural form
These free-form Andorra pendants from Michael Cleary are hand-shaped over a metal frame and attached to the ceiling by an antique brass metal chain. Or, you can get them in flush mount.

Go ‘Au Naturel’ with Wicker Pendants

These scrunchy, free-wheeling wicker pendants will make you feel like you’re in a special place, but one that’s easy-going and casual. The organic look really appeals to me, especially the open-air styling of the wicker.  Imagine what happens when the light shines through those openings at night! Beautiful shadows everywhere. The variation in size and shape generates a lot of interest, too. I would use just one in a small space or five in a really long space. But no matter how many I choose for a client, I would always put them on a dimmer switch so they can adjust the amount of light to the time of day and the mood.

bar cabinet with tribal design
This intriguing bar cabinet is a blend of art and function, from Alfonso Marina.

Furniture as Art

I am so impressed by the unusual and beautifully crafted case pieces from Mexico-based Alonzo Marina. Their  designs are one-of-a-kind and their craftsmen are meticulous.  Imagine this eclectic bar cabinet in your home! The exterior has an ebony veneer with intricate bone inlays that create the impression of depth and angles. It reminds me of a zebra, if Picasso had painted one! The interior of the piece is cleverly designed with a variety of compartments and must-have utensils for a bar. The space between the base and the chest makes it look like it’s floating on air. I could see this armoire/bar in the same house with the wicker pendants above. The Asian feet on the chest give you that same Pacific vibe.

tribal art featuring man on horse and man with headdress
“Les Hommes” is from

Oversized Art = Big Statement

Would you believe that this piece of art is made of 16 panels of reverse, hand-painted glass? That technique produces unexpected depth and almost seems to glow under the proper lighting. The process of this technique is fascinating. Each piece is done back-to-front: details painted first, then larger color areas and finally a background color.

What an incredible statement piece, especially for a more traditional home. The antique, Egyptian vibe is so different and thought-provoking, it jumped off the screen at me. The artist makes me wonder what the figures are saying and what they are doing. The sheer size is so dramatic, too. At roughly 6 feet wide and 6-foot-9 inches tall, you won’t need anything else on the wall. One and done.

large home acquarium
By Aquatic Solutions

Shark Tanks Add Drama

After installing this shark tank in a client’s home last year, I have become a huge fan of this dramatic, watery installation.  The custom tank above – 10 feet long by 4 feet high and 5 feet deep –  was part of a whole-house interior design project I handled  for a newly constructed home in Hinsdale. As you can see,  there is no shark yet. Stocking the tank is a layering-in process. First, the smaller fish acclimate for three weeks or so and then the shark is added. Eventually the coral goes in, and at first it doesn’t have much color. Within a few weeks it will become vibrant!

But you can imagine how exciting it will be when the tank is completely stocked. Stocking the tank is a layering-in process. First, the smaller fish acclimate for three weeks or so and then the shark is added. Eventually the coral goes in, but at first it doesn’t have much color. Within a few weeks it will become vibrant!

Notice that through the open cabinets above the tank you can glimpse behind the scenes at the “water works” that maintain this large installation.

Inspiration = Action!

Are you building a new home, remodeling or ready to reimagine a room or two? Let’s do it together! I start at the beginning, taking time to get to know you, because I want your home to be one-of-a-kind, to reflect who you are and the life you live.  Luxurious interior design is about creating an environment where you can feel and be your best. Ready to get started? Contact me at 847-223-2660.

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