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What is luxury? I ponder that question often. Yes, luxury is top-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship. But it is so much more.  For me, luxurious interior design is about creating an environment where people can thrive, where they can be their best. It is all about your lifestyle. When you are at home, you should enjoy the same mindset that you have on vacation – every day. Your home should feel like a refuge. It should refresh and rejuvenate you and give you a deep sense of well-being.  People often are willing to splurge on a fantastic vacation that is over in a week or two. But you spend most of our time in your home, and you deserve a retreat that gives you what a vacation gives you, day after day. Here is my definition of luxury:


Photos Courtesy of Michelle’s Interiors

Luxury is… when everyone feels comfortable in your home.

You need cushy places to sit, a memorable powder room, sufficient lighting and excellent acoustics for conversation, listening to music, watching TV and falling asleep. Good acoustics were important for this client’s media room in Texas, above, where family and friends gather to watch TV or movies, play cards, enjoy conversation at the bar (topped by black petrified wood) and play shuffleboard. No one would ever guess that the upholstered walls, with fabric from,  were my acoustical solution. The comfortable swivel arm chairs and sofas by and swivel counter stools by   make everyone feel like lingering.


Photo Courtesy of Michelle’s Interiors

Luxury is… getting a refreshing night’s sleep.

Your bed and bedding should all be perfectly paired with your needs for a relaxing, deep sleep. We chose a duvet cover, shams and lumbar pillow from and the bed frame is from  I provided layers of lighting, including two cans over the bed with individual bedside controls so one person can read and the other can dim or turn theirs off as desired.  The bedside lamps should be at the right height and intensity for late-night reading, such as these organic lamps we chose from Kravet.  The window treatments should provide privacy and the amount of light you want.


Photo Courtesy of Michelle’s Interiors

Luxury is…. a well-planned and welcoming kitchen.

If your kitchen is easy to work in, you may be inspired to cook more often and eat better. It will make entertaining easier and perhaps more frequent. The work space will be logical and efficient. For this project I chose the high-performance range, wall convection steam oven, additional wall convection oven and integrated refrigerator and freezer, all from  The lightly distressed walnut flooring is from, and I  chose Dekton countertops from because they are super durable and easy to maintain.


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Luxury is… a healthy environment.

Indoor air quality, natural fabrics and materials as well as plants contribute to making you feel good at home. Studies show that indoor plants boost our mood, help clean and humidify the air and reduce our risk of illness. Plus, they add color and beauty to any room in the house.


Photo Courtesy of Michelle’s Interiors

Luxury is…. privacy.

Having your own space to be alone or to have an intimate conversation, is one of life’s great pleasures and needs. That has become particularly important since the era of the open-concept floor plan, as Houzz  explored in this piece:  In the photo above, my client’s cheerful and private home office gives her the seclusion she sometimes craves, and it suits her playful, upbeat personality. The colorful wing chairs are from and the desk chair is from


Photo Courtesy of, by Kimberly Gavin

Luxury is…. a great shower.

You know what I mean – a shower that relaxes or invigorates you, depending on the need.  Research shows that showers – hot or cold – have a variety of health benefits, whether you have stiff muscles, a head cold or fatigue.


Photo Courtesy of Michelle’s Interiors

Luxury is…. a custom, personal look.

It’s one that makes people ask, “where did you get that?” Custom-tailored design is about unique, authentic pieces that tell a story, whether those are your treasured heirlooms, antiques, or something new. The cowbells in this client’s upstairs hallway are part of a much-loved collection that she wanted us to display.

Interior design is… an investment in everyday life.


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