Three Stylish Range Hoods

Range hoods go far beyond function. They bring a sculptural element to your kitchen that can be customized to suit any style of décor. As a designer, I love exploring the wide variety of shapes and materials such as brass, copper, gold, black, white and even wood-tone hoods. Some hoods are integrated into the cabinetry, where they disappear from view.


Photo by Jeff Mateer

Black and White

To juxtapose with the white and gray elements in this client’s kitchen, above, I pulled the black tone of the range and cabinet knobs and cast iron grates into a dramatic metal hood, which has diamond-shaped trim and corner rivets. While the hood is eye-catching, it highlights the intricate tile wall and backsplash behind the range.


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Focal Point

When choosing a range hood, consider whether you want it to be the focal point of the room or blend into the décor. In this sky-high kitchen from, the hood is definitely the star of the show. The rows of brass strips bring an architectural feeling that is juxtaposed against the quieter elements – light wood island, white cabinetry and white walls. Notice how the faucet on the island subtly picks up the tone of the hood?


Photo by Brian Gassel

Texas-Sized Hood

I custom designed this Texas-sized bronze range hood for clients who live outside of Dallas. The brushed gold, riveted trim was inspired by the gorgeous La Cornue range and the broken-glass wall panels.

Functional AND beautiful. That’s a luxurious combination.



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