Elmhurst, Illinois

Before the Blueprints

Michelle’s Interiors is accustomed to designing from the ground up. Designing this way results in a truly custom home. Understanding a client’s needs and functions begins with learning their own personal schedules, hobbies and family life. Designing with the foresight of how people will live in their homes is the best way to ensure the longevity of the space.

Design Appeal

When this family of five decided to build their home, they were quick to recognized the need for an interior designer. Their preference for traditional styling and appreciation for antiques made them apprehensive to collaborate with a designer. However, the initial meeting between Michelle and the clients provided a level of comfort and advocated the hiring of Michelle’s Interiors.

Having thoroughly reviewed all sets of plans to ensure the appropriate allocation of space and we were ready to break ground. As the project progressed Michelle’s Interiors maintained site visits and walkthroughs with the clients and tradesmen. Being fully immersed in all facets of the project allows us to streamline the entire process.

Work in Phases

Michelle worked to make their dream a reality. Her step-by-step approach and astute observations built a level of credibility and trust with the clients. From there we went to the millwork and door design, flooring, cabinets, tiles, lighting, paint pallets, finishes, and finishing schedule. The next phase included trips to the Merchandise Mart with the clients to select materials, finishes, and specialty hardware.


It’s not just about having rooms that you can sit in; it’s about finding a practical use of space for family life and progression. The philosophy behind each room in this project was approached with different needs and goals in mind.

Small Details – The Living Room needed to be livable and open, providing enough room to accommodate the entire family, and then some. They loved their antique dining room table, so that was reincorporated into the new designs for reuse. The Guest Room was designed and positioned to meet the needs of any aging family members, specifically the Grandparents that were frequent visitors to the house.

Fun Details – An arts and crafts area was added to the laundry room to provide an area for fun activities that the family could do together. A desk area was created just off the kitchen that was designed to be a true nitch that would be hidden in plain view by a door so that only the family knew was there. A wine cellar was created, complete with a custom cork floor and personal sink to rinse out glasses while wine tasting.

Kids Rooms – One of the most important parts of this project was designing the kids’ rooms. This family needed space to not only grow with, but also to call their own. The bedrooms needed to be a private place where the kids could read or be with their friends. The space plans of the bedrooms were designed to work for them now and as they grew older.