Glenview, Illinois

Separate But Equal Closet

Custom-designed closet space keeps busy professionals organized and efficient

Glenview, Illinois
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Organization Equals Time Saved

My clients call me their organizational guru. I’ve had a lot of practice designing closets that provide a place for everything. Whether my clients keep everything in its place, I don’t know! For this walk-in closet, I chose light grey cabinetry from Bonafide Corp  with long, easy-to-grab pulls from Shop Studio 41.  

The neutral color scheme suits the clients’ style and it doesn’t fight with the colors and patterns of their clothing. Good lighting is important, too. The existing closet had only one fixture, so I doubled up in this phase of the whole-house renovation. The two new ceiling fixtures radiate an even light that makes it easier to select the right ensemble.

Managing your wardrobe is another key to organization. For each season, I recommend combing your wardrobe and making some hard decisions about what to give away. Here are some of my rules of thumb for what to donate or throw away.  Say goodbye if:  you haven’t worn something for a year. It hasn’t fit you for a year. Or if a piece of clothing is uncomfortable, isn’t your style anymore or you don’t love it.

Each spouse has a drawer that locks, perhaps to conceal a surprise gift?  

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