Libertyville, Illinois

Bigger and Better

A dramatic transformation that delights this family of four

Libertyville, Illinois
Project Scope

Making a huge difference in quality of life

Small kitchens can stifle big plans! That’s a problem if you love to cook and entertain as these clients do. Incorporating the existing dining room space into the kitchen made a huge difference in the way this kitchen functions. 

I was able to improve the traffic pattern and provide more storage while increasing natural lighting and updating all design elements. Now my clients aren’t bumping into each other anymore!   

We all spend a lot of time in the kitchen, right? It’s the place where so many memories are made. My goal always is to make that time enjoyable for my clients. Beautiful design is one ingredient. Function is another. These peacock blue cabinets are not only attractive, but by selecting drawers instead of cabinet doors, all of the storage is more accessible. The ceiling-height white cabinets above the countertops brighten and make the kitchen look larger. Doubling the size of the kitchen floods the space with natural light and connects it to the natural beauty outside.  Yes, this kitchen is bigger and better! 

The pretty jade upholstery on the counter stools take their color cue from the Roman shades on the windows.

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