Culture is More Than the Artifact on Your Mantle

In small business, culture is incredibly important. As the team is small and everyone works closely, it’s important to focus on creating and maintaining a healthy, happy environment for all.

At Michelles’ Interiors, everyone on the team touches, in some capacity, each project that comes through our studio. I truly value my team, and although I know and honor everyone’s individual strengths, I know that we are never as strong as we are when we’re working together as a team.

Good vibes only.

Being positive and promoting only positive vibes in the studio is a top priority for me. I have learned that reacting negatively in a less-than-perfect situation only creates more negativity. Reacting positively creates positivity, therefore avoiding a bad situation altogether.

For instance, we have a lot of items that are delivered to our studio. Occasionally, something arrives late or damaged or not at all. Although damaged pieces or incorrect or missing  orders can delay projects dramatically, we choose to react quickly yet calmly and mitigate situations like this accordingly. No amount of worry will change the past or the future. What counts is positive energy and action.

It’s important to remember that most situations have a solution that’s within your reach. Sometimes we are required to think outside the box, and luckily that’s where my great team steps in and offers each of their unique perspectives. Team problem solving is a great way to promote a positive company culture and hear and acknowledge each team member’s contributions.



It’s also very important to respect each and every employee that works for you- in small business or in big. Respect them not only as human people, but also respect and observe what works for them in the workspace.

If someone who works better with music playing is working next to someone who works better in silence, then maybe that person wears headphones while they work. It’s as simple as finding everyday solutions for your people and making sure that not only you respect your employees and your employees respect you, but that they respect one another.

It comes down to the fact that I want my people to work to their highest potential. I want them to be comfortable in their day-to-day environment, and I want them to be in a place that allows them to enjoy their work, breathe, and grow professionally.

Everyone has a voice.

I fully support and employ an open office policy. If there are any concerns amongst my team, whether it’s a workflow, project, or even a personnel issue, my employees know that they can come see me. Everyone has a voice and everyone is heard.

A thank you to my team.

I am so grateful for my team and all they do for Michelle’s Interiors. They step up and wear different hats when our work calls for it, they hold themselves accountable to their responsibilities, they hold each other accountable to get projects completed efficiently and exquisitely, and most importantly, they make Michelle’s Interiors a great place to work every day.

Although there are practices that any leader can instill in their workplaces, it’s all about finding the right people for you.

I’m proud and grateful to say that I’ve found mine.




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