You Don’t Have to Travel to Get to Where You Want to Go

There’s always been a connection between people and their environments. Nothing strengthens this bond more than traveling to different parts of the world and soaking up the local culture and its natural imperfections.

As a designer, I’ve found beauty in my adventures and have enjoyed translating them into my work. Through this process, I have also helped clients bring their own stories of adventure and travel organically into their homes. Whether it’s accenting their home with different international styles or helping them capture the atmosphere of their favorite destinations, we bring their travels home.

European Design

The strongest asset of European design is that it showcases the diversity of its inhabitants and their cultures. The bold patterns, unique use of color, and intricate designs have been a major trend in homes around the world. There are many ways to bring them into your own.

A Touch of Paris

Parisian style is the perfect mix of beauty and comfort. Remember, it’s all in the details, especially if you’re looking to achieve the quaint, relaxed feel of Paris’ cafes in your own kitchen. Adding ornate metal accents and even something as simple as a bouquet of fresh flowers can bring character to a room and create the perfect gathering place.

A Taste of Italy

Italian style is the epitome of luxury as well as a timeless design choice for any homeowner. Bringing this modern, old-world feel to your home can be done by layering your home with texture, especially the walls. Using plaster or even aged wallpaper can add the perfect finish.

Another main component to Italian design is blending old-world and modern style together. Find an older piece of furniture, perhaps a chair from your Mediterranean travels, and reupholster it with a new fabric. This update can enhance a space while maintaining the history and integrity of the piece itself.

The Scent of the Ocean

Decorating a home with the bright blues of the Atlantic Ocean or the soft neutral beige of sandy, white beaches sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Whether you want to bring the laid-back, Caribbean mentality home or simply awaken your space with color, adding bright, easy colors to the fabric of your furniture, accents, or window treatments can liven up the room and give you the same feeling you experience near the ocean.

Asian Design

Asian design can be a timeless choice and one that can bring tranquility to your home. For our clients in the historic district of Chicago, we added modern yet traditional accents to their master bathroom in the form of a unique backdrop behind the tub, bringing both texture and zen to the room. Subtle touches such as this can truly transform a room into a retreat.

When you bring your travels and your memories into your home, the vacation is never over. Your stories are forever imprinted in the design of your home, and the memories live on. All you have to do it remember to keep your eyes open to the beauty around you.





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