How Interior Design Can Change Your Life

As far as inspiration goes, I have always had a love and passion for furniture, fabrics and art. My mom instilled this passion in me at a young age, and I ended up following this creative path to design school. The rest is history!

Interior design has brought me a true sense of being. Beyond the beauty, great design answers the question of how you want to live your life. If a space is designed well and designed for you, it lets you live your best life.

When a room is both functional and beautiful, it allows you to live easily. When you design a space to match your lifestyle, life is good. When the functionality of your space is exceptional, you’re going to use it more and, most importantly, enjoy it more.

We live in a society that is all about the experience – it’s more than just what you do, it’s how and where you experience things today that counts.

If you go out for a nice meal, truly, half the experience you’re looking for is the ambiance and the setting in which you dine. You want to sit cozily and comfortably with your party at a well-design table setting, within a well-designed space. You want dim lighting and soft music playing- all of this adds to your experience of your night out.

Same principles apply in your home.

Something that fascinates me to this day is how you don’t always know what you’re missing out on until you’ve experienced it.

The first time I got a car with a back-up camera, I didn’t even think to use it! I had been driving for years without one so why would I need this extra tool? After giving in and trying it out and eventually getting used to it, now I can’t live without it! I hadn’t realized the value of the camera when they were first brought to market, but now I’m a supporter because I experienced it and it made my life easier.

Let’s say you’re buying furniture for your family room. When looking for a sofa you may think, “OK, it’s a couch.”  But if it sits well and fits fabulously in your home, you’re more inclined to have conversations on it, to watch movies with the family on it, to let it become a central hub in your home. Functionally, it makes your life better.

Good design can transform an empty space into a beautiful and lively or a calm and cozy room. It can transform a non-functional space into an efficient one. It can turn a house into your home.

You may not even know what you’re missing out on, but let me tell you: design can change your life.




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