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This luxury Superia mattress from Sweden-based Hastens is made of natural materials, including cotton, wool, flax and horsehair. Photo courtesy of Hastens.

Sleeping “Green”

Eating green. Driving green. And now sleeping green? Yes—for many years mattress stores across the country have been promoting the benefits of eco-friendly, natural and organic mattresses and bedding for babies, youngsters and adults, and demand is on the rise. Whether you are concerned about your health, our global environment or both, choosing a “green” mattress is vital, in my opinion, and that of many experts.  I feel it is equally important that mattresses made with natural, organic, sustainable and biodegradable materials are infinitely better for our environment. It just makes sense.  You can find more recommendations for eco-friendly design in one of my earlier blogs—Tips for Eco-FriendlyDesign.

Instead of choosing mattresses made of petro-chemical-based foam or other materials that aren’t biodegradable and may off-gas into the bedroom, I have found mattresses made with soybean foam, sugar cane, flax and coconut fiber, plus models that are infused with green tea. Are we cooking or building mattresses? Haha!


The frame on this adjustable Hastens mattress is built of sustainable Swedish pine. The company also offers natural cotton and feather bedding. Photo Courtesy of Hastens.

Types of Natural Materials?

One of the most luxurious mattress makers in the world (see both photos above) is Sweden-based Hastens. Their all-natural mattresses range from about $12,500 to nearly $150,000 for a king-size version.  At the high end, that works out to $2 per hour if you spend 8 hours a night in bed for 25 years!  They are made with layers of ethically sourced horsehair, down, cotton, wool and flax. According to Hastens, those materials allow the bed to breathe and circulate air around your body for a comfortable night’s sleep. No need to worry if you are allergic to horses! The horsehair they use is washed and rinsed, then sanitized and heated to 140 degrees centigrade to eliminate allergens. All Hastens wooden frames are made of slow-growing Swedish pine trees that are certified to be harvested in a way that maintains the forest’s biodiversity, productivity and ecological processes.  The mattress and frame are guaranteed for 25 years, so though they are priced at the higher end, you won’t have to buy a new one for a long time.

In the adjustable version above, you can raise and lower the head and foot with a remote control or even an app, so you can comfortably sit up and indulge in a breakfast tray, read or watch TV with outstanding back support. Sounds better than a 5-star luxury resort!


Raising Green Kids

Never under-estimate the power of a grandpa-to-be! Ohio-based Naturepedic was founded by an environmental engineer who wanted a chemical-free crib mattress for his first grandchild. One of my  fellow members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, the company now produces certified organic and non-toxic mattresses for the whole family, made with a mix of organic cotton, wool and latex and natural (not organic) alpaca and cashmere. Prices range from $2,500 to $10,000 for a king-size mattress, not including add-ons such as a pillow top. Naturepedic offers organic bedding as well.


Avocado brand mattresses are offered in organic or vegan, and range from $1,249 for the crib to $1,800 for a king size. Photo courtesy of Avocado Green Mattress.

Organic and Vegan Mattresses

California-based Avocado brand mattresses sources only certified organic materials for their mattresses. Those high-quality materials don’t tax the earth’s resources and create far less pollution than polyester, pesticide-treated cotton, chemical flame retardants or synthetic foam. Check out these highlights from Avocado:

  • Their mattresses are made from certified organic latex, wool and cotton.
  • The latex is sustainably harvested from rubber trees on their own plantations.
  • Their wool comes from a herding collective that the company jointly owns.
  • The wood for their bed frames comes from 100 percent reclaimed wood and handmade in Los Angeles.
  • The frames are finished with a zero-VOC (volatile organic compounds) sealant.
avocado mattress with woman tying her show

All of Avocado’s operations, from rubber plantations to factory, are certified as “net zero” for carbon emissions. Photo courtesy of Avocado.

How Dedicated Are They?

  • Avocado also is the only Climate Neutral Certified mattress brand, having achieved “net zero” carbon emissions across all of its operations. That’s an amazing achievement.
  • It uses only clean, renewable energy – wind and solar – which it purchases from Arcadia Power.
  • Avocado donates 1 percent of revenues to 1% For the Planet, a global movement encouraging businesses to support environmental solutions.

Mattresses for Vegans, Too!

California-based Organic Mattress (OMI) makes a vegan option in its full line of mattresses, from cribs and youth beds up to king-size adult beds. The certified organic mattresses are made of latex, wool and cotton, and the innerspring mattresses are made of organic wool and cotton. In the vegan version, the  standard organic wool flame barrier is replaced with organic cotton fill covered with organic cotton woven fabric. The company also uses recycled steel for its springs and the wood for its mattress foundations is all spruce and fir sustainably harvested in Canada.


OMI’s crib mattress is available in organic latex and like all OMI mattresses, it has a 20-year warranty, so it can be handed down for many years. Photo courtesy of OMI.

There’s an interesting story behind the company: The founder launched the company because he developed chemical sensitivity after battling cancer and couldn’t find an organic mattress. The entire factory in Northern California is GOTS approved—Global Organic Textile Standard—which means the employees cannot wear perfumes, use detergents with scents or smoke. That’s quite a commitment!

Any waste materials left from the manufacturing process are biodegradable and not harmful to the environment. (The OMI website lists the youth mattress at $1,879 and the crib mattress is $600. King-sized mattresses range from $4,700 to $9,000.)

Don’t Forget the Bedding

If you’re going to commit to a natural or organic mattress, the next step is to finish it with natural or organic bedding. All of these companies offer a variety of bedding, including feather pillows, sheets, mattress pads, quilts and bed skirts.

Why Am I Green?

As a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, I am committed to creating healthier homes and communities world-wide by connecting people to sensible, eco-friendly interior design solutions.  My love for family, friends and our pets, inspires my dedication to improving indoor and outdoor air quality, rebelling against our throw-away society, protecting our natural resources and reducing the size of the world’s carbon footprint.

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