Why a Beautiful Home Creates a Happier Life

Interior Design often has the stigma of being an investment. I’m here to tell you that you are, in fact, making an investment, just not the kind you might think. You’re not solely investing in the design process itself, but you are investing into your home, your family life, your lifestyle, and your well being.

[quote quotation=”You’re not solely investing in the design process itself, but you are investing into your home, your family life, your lifestyle, and your well being.”]

Your surroundings have more of an impact than you may think. For instance, if your home has a well-designed kitchen, you will be more inclined to cook for yourself or your family. Not only are you able to cook, you are able to store food properly, and more likely to eat healthy on a regular basis. A functional and beautiful kitchen environment will inspire a healthy lifestyle.

If your home has a well-designed family room or living space, you have a gathering space for lounging on your own, relaxing with family, or entertaining your dearest friends. With the right elements, the room can be a warm and welcoming space in which to create memories for all who inhabit it.

A well-designed space can bring great value to your life. For instance, hospitals used to be very institutional-looking. They were cold and uninviting, and a place you went to if you were sick. Today, a stay in the hospital is almost equivalent to a spa retreat! The rooms are made so that you’re more comfortable, amenities within the rooms are more convenient, and so that you don’t necessarily feel as though you’re in a hospital room. Design elements with both the patients and their families in mind allows everyone to feel better and heal faster. Rather than a place you go to when you’re sick, hospitals are now a place where you go to get better.

Strategic design can truly invoke certain feelings or emotions within you. Today’s health clubs and spas are a true testament to this. These establishments want you to feel energized, motivated to workout, and keep working out. The colors used within their spaces, the strategic use of light and white space, the amenities they provide, all create a sense of energy and inspiration.

As a designer, my goal is to bring the same concept into your home design.

We have all been there – we go on a trip to a beautiful hotel with beautiful surroundings, a special vacation with family or friends. It’s a treat to be surrounded by such things. And once you get home, you don’t have the same feeling. “Vacation’s over” as they say.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Investing in good design allows you to have that “getaway” feeling everyday when you walk through your door. You can’t imagine how life-changing it can be to come home to a place you want to be. A place that inspires your well being. A place you call home.




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